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LifeStitches Uganda Project Update: Bike Fixing Program

Here’s recent letter from Uganda. The LifeStitches Uganda Project we support helps women with HIV and AIDS earn money to support their children. Bicycles have helped women travel from their small villages to the LifeStitches workshops where they make napkins and other linens. Dr. Kate Gnauck from New Mexico and now traveling in Uganda sent these photos showing the women and their bikes.

Hi all,

Much of the first week is spent greeting friends, updating projects and talks to begin the planning and problem solving process.

Below one small part of the big picture- our fledgling bike repair program (start up this year in Maracha and Arua) to teach mothers how to repair their own bikes and do repairs in their village for income.

To fix a flat, first comes cleaning off the rubber (corn cob) before applying the sealant glue.

The mothers are wearing the new coveralls we are making and will also grow into a business for local marketing. And Yes we will apply monograms… “LifeStitches” in due time.

All the best for now,

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