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A Customer Embarks On an Adventure with Meals by Frontier Soups

Our avid customer, Jeremy is about to embark on a canoeing trip this month and will be bringing specially prepared Frontier Soups as part of his food provisions. He will be traveling 750 miles through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and part of Canada on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. The journey will take him about a month so he has been busy training and meal planning. “What I like about your soups is that I can have a variety of flavors without the need to bring a ton of spices.” says Jeremy, “Also, I like the idea of having high quality nutritious vegetables, which are super lightweight.”

Jeremy is 56 years old and will be traveling solo in a wooden canoe so he has an outdoor trail maputilized methods from the ultralight backpacking movement to travel as light as possible. “Dried food is the best option for keeping food supplies light, and your soups are the best products I have ever tried.” says Jeremy, “Since I must go quickly, I like the fact that the spices are already included in the mixes. They are healthy, delicious, and I can add ingredients to create interesting meals.”

What is unique about Jeremy’s meal preparation is that he uses dried meats, such as ground beef, turkey, and pork to reduce the size and weight of his food supplies. First, he boils the meat until it is fully cooked, then it’s drained, rinsed, and broken up and spread out on cookie sheets. The cookie sheets are then placed in the oven at a very low temperature of 200 degrees until completely dry. For some variety, Jeremy also prepares store bought tofu sausages using a food dryer. He cuts the sausages into thin disks and spreads them out on the dryer shelves. Many of these are sausages are already spiced to minimize preparation. Once out on the trail, these dried meats can be added to soups like the New Orleans Jambalaya.

Jeremy divides each soup packet in two and bags them along with separate a canoe by the water's edgeindividual bags of the dried meat. However, since the meat drying process removes most of the fat, which is needed to restore energy, Jeremy supplements each meal by adding olive or canola oil. On the trail, he then combines the soup mix and meat in water and lets stand for several minutes before heating it over a campfire. Since dried meat loses a lot of flavor, bouillon cubes, powdered milk and extra seasoning can be added to further increase the taste.

When we hear back from Jeremy we will be sure to update our website with how his trip is progressing. We hope this will inspire some of our customers to adapt our recipes to take on camping, canoeing or hiking trips. Please let us know if you have any tips or recipe adaptations for taking Frontier Soups on your next adventure!

Frontier Soups Sent to Jeremy for Adaptation:

South of the Border Tortilla
Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle
Arizona Sunset Enchilada
Florida Sunshine Red Pepper Corn Chowder
West Coast Kale & Quinoa Vegetable
Virginia Blue Ridge Broccoli Cheddar
Little Schoolhouse Alphabet
New Orleans Jambalaya
Pennsylvania Woodlands Mushroom Barley
Kentucky Homestead Chicken & Rice

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