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Whole Grain Soups are a Nutritional Powerhouse

In addition to tasting great and filling you up, what can whole grains do for you? Quite a lot, from helping with weight control to disease prevention and dental health. Barley, bulgur, wheat berries, brown rice, quinoa and other whole grains are compact storehouses of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, which help in your struggle to:

Cut your risk of stroke

Avoid type 2 diabetes

Prevent heart disease

Maintain a healthy weight

Improve the health of carotid arteries

Lower the chance of getting colorectal cancer

Bring your blood pressure to healthier levels

Reduce the chance of gum disease and tooth loss

Fight inflammatory disease

Lower the chances of asthma

Balance your blood sugar

Improve your digestion

Win the Fat War

With more than two-thirds of the population considered overweight or obese, weight loss has become a national pastime. In the face of conflicting, confusing advice and news reports, many people turn to useless, tasteless and even dangerous fad diets.

Whole grains to the rescue! They provide a more reliable, healthier approach to maintaining a healthy weight. Study after study has shown that eating more whole grains is the safe, easy and dependable way to prevent weight gain and reduce body fat overall and dangerous belly fat in particular.

September is Whole Grains Month!

Celebrate these healthy meals during September, Whole Grains Month, with Frontier Soups Pacific Northwest Squash and Lentil Soup Mix, a hearty, healthy, flavorful way to add more to your menu.

From the Mayo Clinic to the American Heart Association, from Science Daily to the Huffington Post, the word is out: whole grains are good for you. They help you lose weight, feel full and avoid disease. And there’s no more scrumptious way to get them than with Frontier Soups new Whole Grain Soup 4-Pack.

Here at Frontier Soups we are supporting the Whole Grains Council effort to celebrate Whole Grains Month this September and spread the word about the many benefits. Use #SpotWholeGrains to post your photo and a brief story about eating healthy.