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It’s true. Our recipes all get their start in our kitchen—the heart of the home where our whole family creates, develops, and tastes recipe concepts together. With a shared passion for clean ingredients, healthy eating, and most importantly, at-home family cooking, we are your shortcut to homemade. We are proud to offer you delicious soup mix recipes worthy of sharing with family and friends.

Simple, Natural Soup Mixes


we use real ingredients with names you can pronounce


we have a passion for at home cooking


‘fast-scratch’ comfort cooking is uniquely delicious


homemade foods that bring families to the dinner table

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Around the Table
I was given your product as a house warming gift. It was the Indiana Harvest Sausage Lentil Soup. It was so delicious, I was hooked and ordered a dozen different types of soups and stews. All were very good. I recommend this product to everyone I talk to!!! My sister bought a dozen! I was in a grocery store the other day and was very excited to see the product on the shelf. Susan
I first bought Frontier Soups at a Christmas shop at Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, MI in the late 1980’s. No matter where we have lived since I have been a loyal customer. I tell all my soup making friends about your soups, and have given gift baskets too. Recently I noticed that some of your soup mixes were at Whole Foods, as well. Thank you for making me look like a gourmet cook! Jean
My husband and I saw our first Frontier Soup at a store in the NC mountains and tried it – wow. Now we’re hooked! Your Indiana Harvest Sausage Lentil Soup is simply out of this world. My family loves it so much that I gave these out as holiday presents this past December – and got rave reviews from friends! Rachel
I appreciate that you add very little salt or none at all. This is my major objection to canned soups. I also like that you provide Nutrition Facts for both the soup as packaged and as prepared. I like that I control the quality of the fresh ingredients, sometimes buying artisan sausage and sometimes the cheapest or handiest item I come across as my mood, budget and opportunities dictate. Despite having to add more ingredients, making the soup is easy, fun, simpler and faster than making the whole thing from scratch, AND the soups taste terrific. I find that our food dollar stretches more with soup on the menu. We’ve also found that soup has become a critical part of managing our health and waistlines. This is just a note to say, Thank you for starting your business. You have a great product. Tell your employees that we feel the love in every bean. W.
We discovered your soups at the Market Hall Produce shop in Oakland, California. Market Hall had very little choice on Friday, so I was delighted to see that Berkeley Bowl was now carrying your soups. The white bean chili was our first soup. The eleven bean soup was over the moon. Last time I made soup, I tried the zesty Southwestern cornbread. Yum. Today got eleven bean soup again as well as a new treat, sausage and lentil. Winona


What you see is what you get. We are as transparent as the bags our soup comes in. Chockful of real ingredients you recognize and names you can pronounce. We put in everything you know and nothing you don’t.







Ladle Up: Healthy Protein

Did you know 1/4 cup of cooked beans or peas has as much protein as one ounce of meat? Soup is an easy way to add healthy plant-based protein to your family’s diet.

Ladle Up: Better Health

Want to eat healthier? Focus on variety, nutrient density, and amount. Choose foods low in sugars and saturated fats and reduce sodium intake. Even better? Follow a healthy eating pattern across your lifespan.

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